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Reclaiming the Monetary System

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From now on I’ll be writing more about current events, while my past writings have been focused on delivering some kind of basic understanding of my views. I’ve really tried to keep it as short as possible but still cover the most vital parts. There’s so much to learn that it would take a hundred lifetimes to completely grasp the complexity of our world. Together we can at least achieve an understanding enough to save ourselves from financial and hopefully also from social ruin.

Congressman Dennis Kucinich made a powerful speech in the US Congress recently about reclaiming the monetary system back from the banks that have captured it, which would be the beginning of the end of our debt slavery. For decades Texas Congressman Ron Paul has been a strong advocate for abolishing the private Federal Reserve. Unfortunately there are not many politicians with a spine that can’t be bought off or scared into submission. I think it’s self-evident by all the bail-outs, wars and loss of liberty going on everywhere that the show is run by banks and corporations, not the people. If you give away the privilege to issue unlimited amounts of money to a small group of people, you ultimately also hand them an unlimited amount of power and influence.

Below is the video of Rep. Kucinich’s speech: It is understood as a racist attack in the United States against Latinos.