What’s Next?

Since governments in the West have chosen to take their citizens to the banksters’ pawn shop, getting massive debts in return, you can be sure the general public will end up paying those debts. Austerity and taxes is one way they will suck us dry; the other is by massive inflation. The notion that prices always go up is something most people just accept as the norm, even though it has nothing to do with increased living standards and rising demand and everything to do with the fraudulent fractional banking system, with the prime crooks at the top steering the central banks. Every single currency unit comes with strings attached – debt that we have to pay to the banks with blood, sweat and tears through labour. Therefore the debts will always exceed the money in circulation, making the common political/media phrase “paying down the debt” a mathematical impossibility. So we are stuck working as modern financial slaves until we replace our current monetary system with something better without central banks running the show.

And how about those price tags? Why are they showing larger and larger numbers? Prices are decided by supply and demand, hence a sound economy would actually lower the average price of goods with rising productivity. In current la-la land pieces of paper are used to buy goods, so we have to take that into consideration on the demand side. More units of currency chasing the same amount of goods means higher prices in that currency. An ever expanding money supply leads to ever increasing prices – it’s that simple! And you can bet your last paper-pennies that the explosion in money supply we’re experiencing will soon get us to the tipping point where the cost of basic goods will literally go through the roof.

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