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Augustus Frank

January 26, 2016 admin 0

An Italian villa built by the Frank family. Dr. Augustus Frank commissioned the design for this home. He was an early member of the Warsaw Antislavery Society and a delegate to the conventions forming the American Anti-Slavery in Philadelphia in 1833 and the New York Anti-Slavery Society in Utica in 1835. He died before the house was built. His older son, the Honorable Augustus Frank, lived in the house. Also a consistent supporter of the abolition of slavery, Augustus, Jr., served in the U. S. House of Representatives from 1858 to 1865. While in Congress he introduced and was one of two floor-managers of the Thirteenth Amendment. The New York Tribune credits him with ensuring its passage. In 1865 Rep. Augustus Frank of Warsaw helped […]

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Uncle Tom’s Cabin

September 26, 2015 admin 0

It is located on the original property purchased by Josiah Henson. As an important Canadian historic site, Uncle Tom’s Cabin will provide visitors with known facts and education on the life of fugitive slaves in the Dresden area.  Focusing on the life of Josiah Henson, the site will demonstrate the growth in black people or any race through determination and perseverance.  Through tourism revenues, Uncle Tom’s Cabin Historic Site will be operationally self-supporting and contribute to the St. Clair Parkway Commission overall tourism efforts. Vision Uncle Tom’s Cabin Historic Site will be a living site representative of the Dawn Settlement.  Tours and interpretive program will allow our visitors to learn new, ever-changing facts on the life and accomplishments of Josiah Henson. Efforts will continue to […]

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Underground Railroad Sites & Landmarks

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The enslavement of millions of Africans sparked a long history of resistance. During the 19 th-century, thousands of enslaved and many free African-Americans fled the United States and made their way to Mexico and Canada where they could live as free citizens. In Canada, the refugees arrived at points as far east as Nova Scotia and as far west as British Columbia, but the majority crossed over into what is now southwestern Ontario. They formed communities in the growing villages and towns or cleared the forests and pioneered new farmland. The network of sympathetic black and white abolitionists that assisted in the escapes along their secret routes became known as the Underground Railroad. The story of the Underground Railroad is the stuff of courage and […]